If you prefer watching videos over reading books and blogs, I don’t blame you. Reading’s hard and videos are fun, so I’ll try and document our successes and failures in both forms hoping you enjoy them all.

– Watch them here or find them all on awildwaypoint’s youtube channel

This’ll be the first video posted here which is more of an experiment on different medias than anything. It’s a simple stop-motion video consisting of 174 separate images made from .wmv and about 30 cut-out characters that I drew. 

2016E001 – The Idea, The Plan

The second video in the super-awesome ongoing series of attempting to buy and live aboard a boat.

The survey of the 35′ Contest – Ep. 002

We are underway! – awildwaypoint Ep. 003

Our Adventures in Key West – awildwaypoint Ep. 004

Heading to the Bahamas – awildwaypoint Ep. 005

Hello, Bimini Islands – awildwaypoint Ep. 006

Next up: The Berry Islands Episode – awildwaypoint Ep. 007

Nassau, West Bay & Toilet Repairs… – awildwaypoint Ep. 008

Tour of Peacemaker – Part 1 (Interior) – awildwaypoint Ep. 009

Tour of Peacemaker – Part 2 (Exterior) – awildwaypoint Ep. 010

Preparing For And Weathering A Hurricane – awildwaypoint Ep. 011