The Trash Project

What is The Trash Project?

It’s the simplest of ideas and can be utilized by everyone!

You. Pick. Up. Trash.

That’s it. It’s straighforward and easy and there’s nothing more to it.

See that candy wrapper…

Well, pick it up!

But it’s not enough to pick up what already exists, what’s necessary is to use less – less plastic bags, less styrofoam cups, less one-use items, and become more environmentally sustainable.

What I want out of this traveling experience is more than just pretty pictures and a simplistic lifestyle, I want to help the environment and to promote awareness of how important and simple it is to clean up trash, travel sustainably, and make as little impact as possible on our green earth. It’s our responsibility, and as I plan on drifting through the Caribbean, I am determined to do more, fill our garbage bags with the discarded remains that have floated from the rivers into the sea, and to showcase how much of it there really is.

Be a Trash Warrior! Teach your kids to be Trash Warriors! Lead by example. Next time there’s a leftover Gogurt lying in front of your feet and a trash can off in the distance, don’t ignore it – bend over, pick it up, and throw it away.

Much more to come…

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