Novels and Writing Projects

All these little writings are from the imaginative brain of Thomas C. Spiff, a truly distinguished gentleman.

Finished Books

half-cover-5x8-wanderers-globeThe Wanderer’s Globe – A Max Andrew Adventure (Book 01) – Max Andrew dreams for the life of an adventurer – what fifteen-year old stuck in suburbia doesn’t? It’s the beginning of summer break and he’s desperate for an out. Despite the persistent nagging from his family and friends telling him to quit dreaming and join them in the real world, Max refuses to accept that his life is destined for ordinary. Luckly he doesn’t have to wait long when fate, his foolhardy uncle and a coded message found in an old atlas suddenly cross paths in his normally quiet neighborhood. Now as Max digs deeper, he discovers that being an adventurer comes with more problems than he’d imagined.

– Available for purchase on kindle and paperback at Amazon. com –

Still in the Works

The Golden Moth – A Max Andrew Adventure (Book 02) – Max is back for round two, but so are the pirates, secret societies, feisty red heads, and of course, even more treasure! It wouldn’t be your average everyday summer if there weren’t and this time around Max finds himself sailing the ocean again, escaping  enemy agents through Paris, and in a dogfight over the French countryside.

– Available soon (hopefully) –

In the ol’ MindBrain

A Grimm World – Arthur Grimm is the last hope for mankind, holding the only cure for a disease that threatens the world. But as he discovers the faults and downfalls of humanity, will he give it up or keep it to himself?

Battersea at Night – A dark and twisting tale about a young boy who finds himself lost in his favorite park at night and the only ones that can send him home are the animals.