Hello, Bimini Islands!

After arriving in the Bahamas, we couldn’t wait to start exploring! The few photos and video below tell the tale of our ten days in the Bimini Islands & Gun Cay: beautiful anchorages, a forgotten marina with plenty to discover, the Fountain of Youth, free-diving shipwrecks, a trip up Peacemaker’s mast and more…


Anchor down in Nixon’s Harbor (South Bimini) after our 24-hour sail from Marathon, FL… TFAB (time for a beer)!


Josh looking his usual cool, relaxed self in his hammock.


Trying a new local fruit from a fruit stand in Alice Town, called tamarind. It’s a soft, sticky ‘cigar’ of fruit around smooth, brown, pebble-like seeds inside a thin, dry pea pod – and the fruit tastes like Sour Patch Kids!


We were the only ones on this long stretch of lovely beach along the west side of South Bimini.


The famed “Fountain of Youth”, discovered by Ponce de Leon way back in the day. (I’m guessing this is a replica… but we drank from it anyway – just in case!)


Walking along a secluded nature trail in South Bimini…


Spotted a hermit crab along the nature trail.


Part of the abandoned and forgotten Bimini Sands Beach Club, where Peacemaker was tied up waiting out some strong winds.


Leah in the bosum chair at the top of Peacemaker’s mast.

10_IMG_5832-good one

An aerial view of Peacemaker from the top of her mast.


Quite a view over Honeymoon Harbor and Gun Cay.


Sunset from our deck in Honeymoon Harbor, across the Atlantic / Straits of Florida…

2 thoughts on “Hello, Bimini Islands!

  1. We miss you guys but are loving following along! Steve says not to forget about us land-lubbers! We are so happy for you and each installment makes us laugh. The poo part made me go, “Yup! That’s the same old Josh I know!” Cheers to you both!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the video, pictures and following your adventures. It is so beautiful. Keep having an amazing time. Love the Brewster enjoys it too!!! Look forward to more videos. ⛱Susan young

    Liked by 1 person

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