The Southernmost City in the U.S. — Key West

We loved Key West’s laid back, casual vibe, with its friendly residents and island-time mentality. Silky sand beaches (and even a dog beach!), bars & restaurants galore (with good happy hours) in this easily walkable town, plus several nearby reefs to dive and spectacular sunsets over the wide open horizon to the West.

While we didn’t catch a glimpse of the rare ‘green flash’, here’s what we loved — and were challenged by — during our two weeks in the Conch Republic.

We’re now back in Marathon, checking a few more things off our to-do list and stocking up on food, drinks, supplies and spares before crossing the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas’ Bimini Islands later this week! Stay tuned for updates on that journey.

5 thoughts on “The Southernmost City in the U.S. — Key West

  1. Your Grandma and I both enjoyed the video. “The southernmost point in the US?” I think not. That would be at South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. Maybe you can sail there someday!

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      1. Hmm . . . I question whether Key West fits the definition of “contiguous.” Either way, it looks like a nice place to spend some time.


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