We are Underway!

Despite Leah’s sage advice, I had imagined myself in the Bahamas already where I’d be swimming with the dolphins and mermaids in crystal clear water while fishing for Mahi-Mahi and diving for lobster. Well, that’s not quite the case. However, while there’s been no mermaid contact, WE FINALLY OWN A BOAT AND WE’RE ON THE WATER AND LIVING ABOARD!

So I’ll simply apologize and say how super sorry I am for the delay in any new and exciting blog posts, or any sort of detailed updates on awildwaypoint.com whatsoever, but it’s been a pretty hectic month for us. I’ve been meaning to write every day about each step of the process, and I really thought I would, but not only have we been working on the boat every day, we’ve also been so exhausted after all of it that bedtime has been coming earlier and earlier. Also, creeping into cubby holes a rat could barely fit into to wire a new refrigerator or store our worldly possessions in a living space smaller than most walk-in closets, takes a toll on the body. Ibuprofen, beer, and a lot of rum has been our friend these past few weeks.

Welp – she’s a babe! Not just Leah, but our new home. Peacemaker’s her name and she’s a 37’ Tartan with sexy lines and a shallow keel (just the way I like ‘em!) You can find her full specs on awildwaypoint.com/sailboat and find out all she has to offer.

As of 02/15/17 – We’ve owned her for two weeks to the day, moved immediately on board, and three days ago, finally got her in the water and haven’t been on land for as many days. We’ve been sailing in the Gulf already, but mostly, we’re motoring Peacemaker through the Intracoastal Waterway so we could get from Shell Point Marina down to Punta Gorda to pick up Brewster (our pup) who’s been living the high-life with Leah’s folks. (She’s in for a shocker.) I feel once we get her back, we’ll be a solid family again and ready to head wherever and really begin our travels. It’s all been quite a surreal experience, but an amazing one as the rocking and motion of the waves is becoming more natural and homey — quite soothing really. And as much as I’d like to do a write-up for the entire month and the whole process that Leah and I have gone through, the people we’ve met, and the expected versus reality, it’s 8:30 pm, I’m exhausted and just can’t type goood no mre. Don’t worry! I’ll get to it soon – I swear! When I get a chance, I’ll backtrack when we’re a bit more settled and, for those that care, I’ll run through the good, bad, and awesome parts of the boat preparation/ buying/ repairing experience that we’ve gone through. Now instead, I’m gonna mix some rum with whatever we have on board, drink it, and leave you with a bunch of pretty neat and kinda interesting pictures and maybe a vid that gives an idea of the trip so far.


Captain Josh & Captain Leah


2 thoughts on “We are Underway!

  1. What a fun time!! We loved our two day sails! Both of you really know what you’re doing… all those lessons and classes paid off. It takes muscles, balance, and determination to do your job. Sure was fun! (And such a cute 1st mate in her “dragonfly” life vest.). Be safe ❤️


  2. Congrats – we are Tartan 37 sailors, completed a 3,000 NM trip down to Florida from the Great Lakes. We live aboard (with dog) at Burnt Store Marina in Charlotte Harbor.

    Tom & Sandy Wells
    T37 # 224 Higher Porpoise


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